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Inge Beaujean
Often in our lives we can benefit from receiving some support or guidance, especially during difficult emotional situations and health challenges. Losing our natural balance can lead to psychosomatic symptoms. This indicates that we are not in alignment in body, mind and spirit. Gaining insight into particular life issues and clearing associated energy will bring flow, positive change and healing.

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Inge is a qualified spiritual therapist and energy healer. She offers a safe and dogma free healing environment.

Each session with Inge is unique, involving a blend of spiritual counseling and advanced healing techniques. The sessions are tailored to meet the client’s individual needs. Also the treatment can consist in a hands-on energy healing treatment where the client’s patterns of imbalance are identified to be released at the core level.

Sessions are done at a client’s own pace whether it be once, several times a year as needed or on a regular basis.

Inge also gives courses in the field of meditation, healing, inner-growth and self-development. She is able to offer experience and support in managing the specialist area of substance abuse/misuse.

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