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Cambridge 800
Weight loss management solutions
Diet and nutrition together with counselling. Your experienced advisers and counsellors are Dr David Deardon and Philip Ward.

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Cambridge 800 is part of the Cambridge Weight Plan Limited Group of Companies, formerly known as the Cambridge Diet. We work one to one with you to help you plan your diet, lose weight, stabilize your weight and keep it off long term. There are 5 different Steps to choose from depending upon your medical conditions and medications and we are able to treat a people with a broad spectrum of conditions including type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Losing weight is only a small part of the process, keeping it off long term is the hard part and your Cambridge 800 Consultant will be with you for the whole journey and long into maintenance … or as we prefer to call it My Life. So change your life now with Cambridge 800.

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Specialist Medical Clinic
Phone: (+350) 200 49999
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Tuesday 0900-1800
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