Aesthetic medicine is branch of medicine, distinct from plastic surgery, which focuses on beauty and anti-aging treatments. Overall this specialty is focused on the pathophysiology of aging skin, and adheres to scientific based procedures. Practitioners are trained in both invasive and non-invasive treatments depending on the needs of the patient. Aesthetics can help with the treatment of wrinkles and scars, ageing of the face, the hands and the low neckline, the treatment of pigment spots and thread veins and in the prevention of body ageing.

Most current non-surgical aesthetic procedures include injections of Botulinum toxin, injections of Hyaluronic Acid and other fillers, chemical peels, hair removal, laser treatments and non-surgical liposuction. When performed by a trained practitioner, these non-surgical procedures are safer than plastic surgery as they do not require general anaesthesia. They are usually quicker (can be done during lunch breaks) and are preferred by patients as they do not involve a scalpel and an operating table.

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