12 unexpected uses of Probiotics


We all see the adverts on the TV for ‘friendly bacteria’ and their role in gut health. But evidence is emerging of far more uses for probiotics which of course come directly or indirectly from their effect on enhancing the immune system and our general wellbeing.

1. Happiness and reduced negative thinking;

2. Depression;

3. Anxiety and Stress;

4. ADHD and Autism;

5. Colic;

6. Constipation and Diarrhoea;

7. Allergies and Hayfever;

8. Cold and Flu;

9. Arthritis;

10. Diabetes;

11. Dental Health;

12. Weight Loss.

They all make sense don’t they and a great illustration of how if we look after the body, the body will take care of itself.

Have a look at this great article for more details.

Link: 12 uses of probiotics